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R&D activ­ities

Expertise in wood construction, low-carbon construction and digit­al­isation

In research and devel­opment activ­ities (R&D) related to wood construction, we concen­trate on wood and wood-based fibre materials and their use in construction. Low-carbon construction R&D activ­ities aims to explore possib­il­ities to reduce the emissions of the building sector trough the life cycle assessment. Building inform­ation modelling and its´ applic­a­tions in maintenance of buildings are the main themes in R&D activ­ities related digit­al­isation of the construction sector.

All R&D activ­ities are imple­mented in cooper­ation with local companies and other national and inter­na­tional partners. Karelia UAS has coordinated the Intel­ligent Energy Europe and Northern Periphery Programme projects and parti­cipated in several NPP, IEE, FP7, CIP, LLP and EC DG E&I projects. Karelia UAS is also a member of the EIP Smart Cities and Communities and the European Network of Living Labs.

Examples of our R&D projects:

  • Digital Twin, ERDF
  • Low Carbon and Energy Efficient Renov­ation Construction, ERDF
  • Wood Construction — Solutions for Low Carbon Construction, ERDF
  • Towards Low Carbon Construction — Joensuu Wood City, ERDF
  • Promoting Cross-Border Wood Construction Business, Karelia CBC
  • Joensuu Light House – Research and Devel­opment Activ­ities, Ministry of Envir­onment
  • Prefab­ricated Construction Systems — Creating Compet­itive Advantages Through Value Chains, ERDF
  • Knowledge transfer for timber construction, ERDF
  • Digit­al­isation in Construction Sector, ESF
  • Resource-wice and Intel­ligent Housing Solutions — Investment project, phase 1 & 2, ERDF
  • Innov­ative Use of Wood in Construction, Erasmus+ Intensive Programme
  • Innov­ation Envir­on­ments of Timber Construction and HVAC Engin­eering, ESF
  • North Karelia – Towards the leading edge in energy efficient wood construction, ESF
  • Creating competence in Asian know-how within forest, construction and wood working indus­tries, ESF
  • BIO-SOL-ESCO – Expanding Biomass and Solar Heating in Public and Private Buildings, IEE

Expert services:

Karelia UAS offers a wide range of expert services for companies and other organ­isa­tions. Services related to wood construction includes consultancy, product devel­opment and material and product testing services. Ask for further inform­ation.